Goodnight Sleep Patch

Good Night’s Sleep

Designed to restore the normal sleep cycle. Each Patch last seven nights!


Intention: The Good Night's Sleep Patch will help restore your normal sleep cycles. It is energetically programmed with restorative energy to achieve balance for a restful night's sleep. If you've suffered with sleep deprivation and low energy, the Good Night's Sleep patch restores a normal sleep cycle.


This patch is not considered a therapy, but rather a program of restoration energy to achieve balance. It stimulates and begins the Sleep Cycle (Melatonin Release). Increases coping skills for Stress, Anxiety and Depression, and helps the body reach the healing Theta and Delta sleep levels.  Energetically our bodies are sometimes controlled by subconscious thoughts and other influences that prevent sleep. The Good Night's Sleep patch allows the natural sleep cycle to return.

Suggested Application: Attach one Good Night's Sleep patch to the inside of your pillowcase or the inside of your night clothing near the left shoulder to encourage the body to relax and achieve a normal sleep cycle.  Replace with new patch every seven (7) nights, use as long as needed.  Each packet contains (10 Patches)

Tips ~  This patch is the same as the Sleep Aid Patch but is over twice as strong and only needs to be changed every seven days, so it is more economical.  Most users report they love this Patch and they replace it every Sunday, easier to rememberl


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